Course Preparation

The course is designed to highlight your strengths and how to approach your interview preparation. It will enable you to embed effective techniques into your practice and overcome difficult interview moments.

Prior to the course it will be useful to have thought about your strengths and weaknesses in an interview situation. For example:

  • Are you worried about your lack of clinical knowledge?
  • Do you feel your preparation will fall foul of nerves?
  • Do you feel other candidates will be more attractive candidates?

We will work with you to ensure that you feel more confident, better prepared and ultimately be a better candidate.

Pre-interview recommendations:

  1. Prior to the course we suggest that you have your portfolio ready to the standard you would present at interview.
  2. Read through the guidance on the Severn Deanery Website to ensure you can demonstrate you fit the personal specification.
  3. We would strongly recommend recording yourself during your interview practice to reflect on your own performance. There is no harsher critic!

In addition the Successfully Apply To Ophthalmology Specialty Training codex (£2.99 Kindle version*) offers excellent tips and interview strategy.


*The course organisers have no financial interest nor are responsible for any content