We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the team at iSurgeon to give you a more bespoke course, utilising our experience of running the course for the past 6 years and the recent experience of the ST1 interviews of Ibtesham and Omer, two North Thames Ophthalmic Specialist Trainees.

The format will be similar with more dedicated portfolio discussion the same rigorous interview practice.

This move also allows us to open up the course on Sunday 19th January as well. As such there are a few extra places available. In addition the course fee will be REDUCED to £300.

Should you wish to apply for the Sunday or have any questions about the course please do not hesitate to get in touch. I can assure you the course will be run to the same high standards which have built our reputation in previous years.


Welcome to the home of the longest running Ophthalmology Interview Course in the UK, formerly doctorinterview.co.uk.

We know how difficult it is to get your dream job and just how stressful the interview process can be. We demystify the interview process and give you memorable tips that significantly increase your chance of success!

Marcus Posner and Sheila Luk initiated the course in 2013 during their second year of ophthalmology training in the North Thames Deanery.

They have experience of numerous interviews, having been the last cohort to go through national interview process, as well as the current centralised interviews.

They have brought their experience and an evidence-based approach to over 300 candidates over 6 years, resulting in a greater than 50% success rate at ST1 interviews in the past 2 years.